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Our Wines Parade to the Cape Town Carnival


We are proud to announce that Perdeberg has released a special edition charity wine range for the Cape Town Carnival, which will take place from the 18th to the 20th of March 2010.

The Cape Town Carnival Parade is a free-access event taking place in the heart of the CBD. With a mass of over 2000 cross-genre, cross-cultural performers partaking in the event, six original Carnival songs that will get the people dancing and a spectacular float and elaborate costumes as draw cards, there should be something to suit just about anyone’s taste.

Neil Pendock, judged most trusted wine palate in 2007 by South African wine consumers, was kind enough to give of his time and considerable experience of the SA wine industry, to help create the Perdeberg/Cape Town Carnival Wines – and even tasting notes, while at it!

Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc (From R23)


On the nose: dusty nettles, limes with a spritz of lemon.  Zingy, zippy and zaftig which is Noo Yawk Tawk for juicy, but then… you probably already knew that!  On the palate: boiled pear-drop sweets with a sherbet bite.  As Oliver Twist said, “please sir, may I have some more?”


Shiraz/Pinotage/Viogner (From R27)


On the nose: strawberry milkshake with a dusting of cocoa.  On the palate: crushed rose petals as smooth as cashmere with sour cherry/tangerine Lifesaver flavours without the hole in the middle for your tongue to play with. 


Sparkling Rosé (From R39)


On the nose: Turkish Delight and ripe, jammy plums (black and red).  On the palate: rich, ripe watermelon with a splash of lime.

  *  Prices may differ slightly at various retail outlets.


With this special range of charity wines, we have also decided to give back a little more. The proceeds will be donated directly to charity. So, by celebrating together at the Cape Town Carnival, Perdeberg will also be giving something back to the communities in need.


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